Sri Sarjana’s chain of tuition centres were established in 1990 and have been widely become the No.1 choice among parents and students across the country. Our flagship classes are offered for various subjects from Primary 1 all the way to Form 5. Every year, approximately 2000 students study with us and end their year with spectacular final exam results. 

Our group’s tuition centres started in Kuching, Sarawak and have now branched out to West Malaysia. In total, we have established 5 centres in Malaysia – 3rd Mile, 7th Mile, Satok, Matang and Puchong. In 2020, we have started to accept students across the nation under our online tuition platform – Sri Sarjana Online Tuition. Through our highly demanded online classes, we have firmly grounded our expertise across every state in this country.


Total Quality

Every year we produce hundreds of straight-A students in UPSR, PT3 & SPM including state top scorers, JPA scholars and the country’s best scorers. Since establishing our annual hall of fame, we have given out over RM100,000 in cash awards for our students. We have been widely recognised by the media as Borneo’s Largest Annual Seminar Organiser, giving thousands of students one final push before their exams!

Our programs strive to deliver education at its finest, while incorporating elements of futuristic learning and holistic development of our students. At Sri Sarjana, we don’t only produce quality students, but also quality character.

Passionate Founder

Our founder, Galvin Lee, is an extremely passionate educator and has been deeply involved in the tuition industry. Having produced many A-scoring students, he leads his class with his philosophy of studying smart and not studying hard. He has developed a versatile curriculum to easily memorise facts and answering techniques to nail exam questions. Within months of graduating from SPM, he had already succeeded in publishing his first sold-out SPM reference book. Today, this proven and tested philosophy and curriculum are deeply embedded within the Sri Sarjana framework. 

As a Masters of Science in Innovative Education and Teaching graduate and award-winning tutor, he leads his team of tutors to deliver utmost value for their students in achieving their best in exams.


Experienced Tutors

We carefully hand-pick our entire line-up of tutors are we assure you that they are the best of the best in the country! Among our educators are government school teachers, university lecturers, experienced researchers, reference book authors, school examiners, seminar speakers and industry award-winners! On average, our tutors have more than 10 years of teaching experience which is required to deliver our advanced curriculum to success!

Exclusive Publications

At Sri Sarjana, we only provide the most accurate and practical resources for our students. Our tutors prepare our teaching materials in-house, including modules, worksheets, quizzes, examination papers and more! They are only made available exclusively for students at Sri Sarjana.

These resources will be made available on Google Classroom which would allow students to have a useful collection of learning and revision materials online. Many of our publications have become SOLD OUT publications and have garnered positive reviews from teachers, students and parents nationwide.

Futuristic Learning

We do not even talk about 21st Century Learning anymore. All of our sought-after educators are equipped with futuristic learning techniques which closely engage our students in our virtual classrooms. We utilise various teaching and learning tools online which will allow students to have a knowledgeable yet enjoyable session with us!

Why Study With Us?

✔ Seamless Online Learning Experience with Weekly Zoom Classes

✔ Watch Recordings of Missed Lessons Anytime Anywhere

✔ Experienced & Diverse Team of Tutors

✔ Exam Oriented Classes with Emphasis on Latest Exam Requirements

✔ Integrated with Educational Technology for Futuristic Learning

✔ Department of Academic Affairs to Monitor Class Performance

✔ Proven Secret Techniques to Score in Exams

✔ Nationwide Seminar Organiser in Malaysia

Our Educational Technology

No. 1 Experts in Exams

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online tuition