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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When will the 2024 academic year commence?
It will begin on 4 March 2024. February 2024 will be used as a buffer period to transition between the 2023 and 2024 academic years. 

2. How many classes are there in a month?
There will be FOUR classes in a month. If there is any fifth week, there will be NO class. This fifth week will usually be reserved for any holiday/cancellation replacements. We will announce to the Class WhatsApp Groups accordingly.

3. Are public and state holidays taken?
We will take public and Selangor state holidays accordingly. However, these single-day holidays will be replaced in the next “fifth week of the month” available. A non-replaced one-week holiday will be taken for Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Deepavali. We will announce to the Class WhatsApp Groups accordingly.

4. What is the resource fee for?
The resource fee (paid annually) will be put towards providing you with complete materials and facilities to enjoy our classes. Most of our tutors are reference book authors and the materials we provide are sold at retail. This also includes maintaining our Zoom conferencing platform, cloud recording abilities, Google Classroom functions, and more.

5. Are there any class recordings?
Yes, we will usually publish the class recordings the day after the lesson (subject to the processing time from Zoom). The recordings will be available to watch anytime, with unlimited replays.

6. How will communication be made between students, parents and tutors?
Every class will have their unique WhatsApp Group and Google Classroom code. Upon signing up, you will be placed into these groups accordingly and will be able to communicate via these platforms.

7. Who are our tutors?
Our tutors are industry experts including school teachers, university lecturers, reference book authors, award-winning speakers, public exam examiners, etc. You may learn more about them at https://srisarjanaonline.com/ourtutors

8. How will I be able to track my child’s progress?
You may reach out to the Department of Academic Affairs at https://wa.me/60166099238 for enquiries pertaining to academic quality and performance. They will also be responsible for maintaining and regulating the SOP of our classes.

9. What are BoosterClasses?
Boosterclasses are our in-house program for students to enhance their skills. In these 1-hour (secondary)/45-minute (primary) lessons, our tutors will guide the students meticulously in the specific subject matter. These BoosterClasses are not open for enrolment but will only be included in our subject packages. We will be rolling out more BoosterClasses in the near future. It is held for four classes a month.

10. What is the Global Citizen BoosterClass?
The Global Citizen BoosterClass is a general knowledge class designed to help students understand current global issues and expand their overall knowledge of the world. The weekly lesson will comprise of news analysis of the week’s hottest issues. The class will be uploaded as an on-demand lesson, which students may watch anytime and anywhere.

11. Who are the TBC tutors?
We are currently in the process of finalising our arrangements with some tutors and will publish their name as soon as possible. However, rest assured that the TBC classes are guaranteed to run.

12. Can I combine two of my children’s subjects to form number of subjects requirement for BoosterClasses?
No, the BoosterClasses are entitled under individual student’s names and cannot be formed from any combination with other students i.e., the student themselves must have enrolled for the subject package to be entitled for BoosterClasses.

13. Will there be hardcopy materials?
No, all our materials will be distributed via Google Classroom only. The resource fee is paid as a royalty towards the in-house materials which are sold at retail.

14. Will we carry out exams?
Currently, as the online classroom model stands, is ineffective to carry out formal exams. However, we will administer evaluation activities such as quizzes and timed assignments from time to time.