Zoom Pro Online Classes

All our lessons are exclusively conducted on Zoom Pro only. Our tutors are all equipped with quality video and audio peripherals which will ensure a seamless classroom experience. We also utilise all Zoom online teaching tools such as virtual whiteboard, chat, non-verbal feedback, live annotations and many more. 

Furthermore, our dedicated technical support team will ensure that students will not face any technical issues when attending our classes. The class links are refreshed every day before the classes start, to ensure smooth delivery.

Full HD Recordings

Our lessons are all recorded from start to end and will be made available on our private YouTube playlist to students one day after class. They will be able to access the recordings anywhere, anytime for their own study. 

This is especially helpful for students who have missed the classes or require the videos for revision. It is included in the monthly tuition fees, and students are able to watch the lessons as many times as they require.

Virtual Whiteboard

To ensure a seamless classroom experience, all our tutors are equipped with writing pads to ensure that they can present their lessons just like in a traditional classroom. The writing pads will allow our tutors to draw, write and scribble on the board so students can follow a more lively presentation rather than words only.

Support Desk

Facing a problem during your studies? Fear not, as our team is ready to help you everyday through our Support Desk portal. They will be able to assist students in all kinds of administrative, academic and technical issues. This portal is dedicated to parents and students of Sri Sarjana only.

Futuristic Learning

We no longer use 21st Century Learning in our classrooms but we are already way ahead with our Futuristic Learning methods! Apart from the traditional lessons, we also utilise many education technological tools to ensure that students are able to have an enjoyable experience with us. They will be able to participate in interactive worksheets, answer quizzes, watch videos, collaborate with classmates and many more!

Exclusive Materials

As most of our tutors are reference book authors, we will use our in-house materials for our classes. This includes books, modules, exercises, worksheets, quizzes, assignments, study cheat sheets and many more! These resources are only exclusively available to students at Sri Sarjana and will not be made available to the public!

Google Classroom Integration

Our virtual learning environment is set up on Google Classroom, where every class will have its own dedicated channel. In there, students will gain access to all the class resources as well as a platform to submit their homework and communicate with their fellow classmates and tutor.

WhatsApp Class Groups

Our online tuition centre runs mainly on WhatsApp, where each class will have its own dedicated WhatsApp Groups. Tutors, parents, students and the administrative team are all allocated into the class groups which allow a collaborative experience in ensuring that our quality education is delivered. Not only that, each of our academic members are allocated a school email address which is dedicated to answer student’s or parent’s queries as soon as possible.

Department of Academic Affairs

To uphold the academic quality and integrity of our classes, we have set up the Department of Academic Affairs (DOAA) to oversee all of the classes. When the classes are running, a member of the DOAA will enter the class to monitor all the students and the tutor. This is to ensure that everyone abides by the best practices in the classroom. They will also be responsible in making sure that we deliver lessons of the highest quality. They will liaise with parents should students be found to have misconducted.

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Exam Oriented Classes

All our classes are aligned with the latest examination standards governed by the Malaysian Exams Syndicate (Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia) and syllabi from the Ministry of Education (KSSR/KSSM). 

As such, we place a heavy emphasis on preparing our students for exams all year round, from minor school examinations to major public examinations. Throughout the years, we have seen significant success in accurately providing exam preparation for our students.

Esteemed Book Authors

Many of our tutors are esteemed book authors that have published various academic materials in Malaysia. They will use the same exact materials in the classes which align with KPM, LP, KSSR and KSSM standards.

For instance, Mr Galvin, our tutor for Physics, Chemistry, Science and English has published his “SPM Physics Mastery – Paper 3 Experiment Collection & Popular Definitions” in 2019 which become a sold-out bestseller for the KBSM Physics students. In 2022, he returned to publish three more reference books for PT3 Science. He has also written several e-books to guide students to success.

Mr Yogen, our tutor for Add Maths and Maths has written numerous modules for SPM students in the years that he has been teaching. His modules are being used in seminars across Malaysia.

Mr Paul, our tutor for Biology, has written over 30 reference books in his 30+ years of teaching. His books have surely made a strong impact among the Biology students in Malaysia.

Nationwide Seminar Programs

Every year, we organise several nationwide seminar programs which further exposes students to exam preparation and provides them with a platform to learn outside of traditional classrooms. These seminar programs are held online and are usually open to the public.

Some of our notable seminar programs include the:
– Monthly Exam Revision (MER)
– Year End Seminar (YES)
– Past Year Past Fear (PYPF)
– RELAUNCH Intensive Revision Program
– Last Minute Magic (LMM)
– Sarjana Holiday Program (SHoP)

Exclusive Secret Techniques

You may think that our materials are just like any conventional reference book but they are NOT! Our tutors, with their years of experience, have tested and proven numerous of their exclusive secret techniques which have helped students to easily understand and memorise subtopics. Most notably, our secret techniques have allowed students to memorise an entire subtopic in less than 10 seconds! This way, it will make our students more efficient and effective in their studying journey with us.

These techniques have been proven and tested by a diverse range of tutors and students, who have seen exponential growth in their learning abilities and exam answering capabilities. These techniques are exclusively available in Sri Sarjana published reference materials only.

Why Study With Us?

✔ Seamless Online Learning Experience with Weekly Zoom Classes

✔ Watch Recordings of Missed Lessons Anytime Anywhere

✔ Experienced & Diverse Team of Tutors

✔ Exam Oriented Classes with Emphasis on Latest Exam Requirements

✔ Integrated with Educational Technology for Futuristic Learning

✔ Department of Academic Affairs to Monitor Class Performance

✔ Proven Secret Techniques to Score in Exams

✔ Nationwide Seminar Organiser in Malaysia

Our Educational Technology

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