Welcome Dear Sarjanian!

Dear student, welcome to Sri Sarjana! We are glad that you have made the right choice to  join us this year in our online tuition classes. First and foremost, make sure that you are in the correct WhatsApp Class Groups and that you have joined the respective Google Classrooms (link to join can be found in the Group Description)

This is a student handbook designed to help you understand how to attend our classes and  the solutions to problems that might arise during your classes here with us. 

This student handbook will cover: 

(A) Monthly Fee Payments & Sarjana Central
(B) Attending Classes on Zoom
(C) myStudy Learning App
(D) Best Practices in Class 
(E) WhatsApp Groups 
(F) Support Channels & Contact Information 
(G) Holiday Policy 
(H) Class Cancellation & Replacement Policy
(I) Referral Program

Kindly spend some time to read through the student handbook so you can make the most out of your classes here with us. I wish you a pleasant journey ahead and see you at the  finish line! 

(A) Monthly Fee Payments & Sarjana Central

Your monthly fees payable would be sent to you when you complete your registration with us. Alternatively, your invoice will be generated on the 1st of every month and can be viewed through Sarjana Central (Parent Portal). You may also refer to the correct payable amount there.

Kindly may your payment through one of the two methods by the 15th of every month. An overdue reminder will be sent to you after the 15th of every month. 

Payment Method 1: ToyyibPay (FPX Online Banking) 

Log on to and fill in your details. Kindly key in the correct amount payable and proceed with online banking. The payment slip should be sent to Customer Service (019-6135502) after successful payment.

This is our official payment gateway partner and be rest assured if your online banking shows ANSI SYSTEMS SDN. BHD. as it is the correct payee name for Toyyibpay Online Banking. 

Payment Method 2: Direct Bank Transfer/Cash Deposit 

Fees can be paid through direct bank transfer or a cash deposit machine to the account below. 


Kindly take note that this is the only account that we will be receiving payments from.  If you encounter other messages asking for payments using another account, please double check with Customer Service before proceeding. The payment slip should also be sent to Customer Service (019-6135502) after successful payment.

Sarjana Central (Parent Portal) is designed to allow you to view and manage your invoices with us. The link to access Sarjana Central is at You are required to setup a password before your first login. Based on the parent’s email that you have filled in the registration form, an email would be sent to you to set up your password.  After that, you may login with your email and password to manage your invoices. 

Take note that this account is tied to a family (all siblings) instead of each individual student. This is for your convenience of making only one payment and logging into  only one account for all your children.

(B) Attending Classes on Zoom

All our classes are conducted via Zoom (Pro). It would be best for you to register for a free Zoom account before starting your first class. The link to join classes can be found at the top of your course page on myStudy. You would just have to click onto the link to access the class at the right time. 

You are required to enter the class using a name which can be easily identified.  We reserve the right to remove you out of class if we cannot identify you as our student. 

(C) myStudy Learning App

We are proud to introduce our one-stop learning platform and app called myStudy, exclusively for students at Sri Sarjana Online Tuition! When you register with us as a student, an account will be created based on the student’s email which was submitted to us via the registration form. Through this account, you would be able to login to the myStudy website/app which allows you to access the class materials, similarly to how you would use Google Classroom, access the class via Zoom link, and take e-attendance during classes.

The myStudy app is available on browsers at and on mobile devices via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You may search “myStudy by Sri Sarjana” to find them.

For tutorials on how to use the myStudy app, you may refer to the home page of myStudy or at

Class materials are delivered via softcopy. This includes all modules, notes, exercises, cheat sheets, revision papers, exam papers, assessment sheets, etc. You may choose to download and/or print for your reference during class. We highly recommend you to print the materials so you may follow the class closely.

Kindly take note that these class materials are copyrighted and you may not share them with non-Sri Sarjana students. You also may not share your myStudy account access to non-Sri Sarjana students. If an account is found to have violated these rules, access will be revoked immediately and the student will be indefinitely banned from Sri Sarjana’s classes.

(D) Best Practices in Class

To make the most out of your classes, we recommend doing the following to ensure  that there are zero interruptions during class. 

  • Ensure that you have stable internet connection in a quiet environment
  • Ensure that your camera and microphone is working well so you can respond  to the tutor when you are called 
  • Ensure that you have adequate stationary with you and a notebook to jot down additional notes 
  • Ensure that you have a glass of water beside you to make sure you remember  to drink some water 
  • Do not unmute yourself if it is not required as background noise may disturb  the class 
  • Use the chat to communicate effectively with your classmates and tutor
  • Our classes are short and high-impact so we hope you can pay your fullest  attention during the entire duration 
  • Hand in your homework according to the deadline set by your tutors

We have a dedicated team to ensure that all students are adhering to the class requirements. The Department of Academic Affairs (DOAA) will contact you through the official WhatsApp number (016-6099238) should students be found to have misconducted. On your end, if you have any issues regarding the academic quality of our classes, we warmly invite you to reach out to DOAA as well. 

(E) WhatsApp Groups

Every class will have its own dedicated WhatsApp group. All parents and students will be added into the groups. The groups are the main mode of communication regarding class matters such as class recordings, attendance, discussions, questions, announcements, etc.  

All our classes are fully recorded and will be made available in the groups for viewing  not later than three days after class is completed. The recordings are password protected and will be available for a maximum of two weeks from the day of upload. 

It is important to inform us of any changes in telephone number as you will not be able to access the WhatsApp groups if you have changed your telephone number.

(F) Support Channels & Contact Information

Customer Service (Click Here to WhatsApp or call 019-6135502)
For administrative issues such as registration, fee payments, invoicing, Sarjana Central, add/drop subjects, change subject package, general enquiries such as holidays, etc.

Department of Academic Affairs (Click Here to WhatsApp or call 016-2639238)
For academic issues such as myStudy Learning App, attendance, tutors, class materials, educational technology, academic quality, suggestions, feedback, etc.

Corporate/HR (Click Here to WhatsApp or call 010-8609009)
For enquiries related to corporate activities such as advertising, sponsorship, marketing, events, HR, etc.

Principal’s Office (Click Here to WhatsApp or call 011-56389238)
For direct correspondence to the principal’s office for suggestions/feedback/enquiries.

(G) Holiday Policy

In a typical month, there will be four classes conducted weekly.

As the tuition centre headquarters and centre of operations is located in Selangor, we will observe majority of the state holidays in Selangor (subject to change). We will inform students one day before the holidays commence. 

We will also observe all public holidays in Malaysia (subject to change). We will inform students one day before the holidays commence. 

For these single-day holidays, there will be replacements carried out subject to the polling of availability in the WhatsApp groups.

For the three major festival celebrations in Malaysia – Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Deepavali, we will observe a one week holiday. We will inform students one day before the holidays commence. 

For the holidays noted above, there will be no replacement classes scheduled unless specified.

(H) Class Cancellation & Replacement Policy

We try our level best to deliver classes on time and as scheduled weekly. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances such as family emergencies, medical emergencies, car accidents, etc., we would need to cancel the affected classes. We will announce class cancellations in the WhatsApp Class Groups.

Once a class is cancelled, we will attempt to gather the availability of students via a poll in the WhatsApp Class Groups. Students will be able to select their suitable timings and we will coordinate this with the tutor in order to schedule a replacement class. Preferably, these replacement classes will be conducted within one month of the class cancellation, subject to the tutor’s availability. If students are unable to attend these replacement classes, a complete class recording will be made available after the class has concluded.

(I) Referral Program

If you find that our classes have helped you and you want to invite your friends to our classes, just let them know about us and you will receive a RM30 referral bonus for every student you refer! There is no deadline, you may bring your friends along any time of the year, as long as you inform us beforehand that they are coming!